What is Term Life Insurance?

Welcome to “What is Term Life Insurance?”

If you are looking to buy the best term life insurance for your family, or, if you are just wanting some quotes for term life insurance, you’ve come to the right place!

Or, even if you don’t yet know if you need life insurance, or you don’t understand exactly how life insurance works, you’ve also come to the right place!

Here you will find answers to all of your questions:

What is Term Life Insurance?

How Does Term Life Insurance differ from other types of Life Insurance?

*Term Life Insurance vs. Whole Life Insurance

*Term Life Insurance vs. Universal Life Insurance

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need to protect my Family?

Explain Term Life Insurance – What definitions do I need to know?

When Should I Buy Life Insurance?

How Do I Compare Life Insurance Companies and Term Life Insurance Policies?

Where can I Get easy Online Quotes for Term Life Insurance?

What is a “death benefit”?

What is a “premium”?

I’ve had some medical issues.  Is it hard to get life insurance with pre-existing conditions?

What options will the Insurance Company offer me?  Which options should I consider?

I have some Term Life Insurance through my job.  Do I need more?

What is the difference between “Accidental Death Insurance” and Term Life Insurance?




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